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1. You must not PK another player
Pk'ing is accecptable under the following conditions:
a) the player attacked was on our KoS list.
b) you were attacked by another player and were defending yourself.
c) the player you attacked had wrongfully pk'd you in the past. (Note: you must be able to explain the circumstance of the wrongful pk.)
2. You must always offer assistance to any player (not on our KoS list) when possible.
  Charging for the assistance is acceptable. (ie. 2000 gp per summon I perform for you)
3. You must always offer assistance to fellow guild members free of charge when possible.
  If a fellow guild member asks for your assistance you must provide your assistance free of charge. If the member you are assisting offers you a donation for your time accepting this is allowed.

Failure to follow any of these rules may include one or more of the following:
  • A fine given either to a player wronged or the guild's strongbox
  • Reduction in rank within the guild
  • Death and the contents of your inventory given to the player wronged or the guild's strongbox
  • Banishment from the guild

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